I am a designer based in Valencia

Llesdesign is a studio based in Valencia, founded by Jorge Planelles. It specialises in product design and design management. When designing, we try to add value to every step: innovating from the early drawings, right through to the end.
In Llesdesign we work with all kinds of projects, providing our clients with a broad range of ideas to improve their products and to ultimately provide a better product to their clients.

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail

To paraphrase Mies Van der Rohe, God is in the details – and in a way, it truly is as the details are what give soul to products. However, you should not think that by adding a lot of details you will end up with a perfect product. It is not this way, since you must find the degree of detail that adds value to the product.
We take this concept and push it to the limits of innovation; fulfilling the generated briefing of our clients, and making various long-lasting, up to date products.
We are problem solvers; we love accepting new challenges and providing real solutions to real problems. We are nonconformists with a spark of madness, creating products that can be seen from many points of view – something that makes our innovations gain value.