Game, interaction and transformation

Explode MI is a portable lamp that seeks interaction with the user.
Inspired by Japanese lanterns, this portable lamp encourages play by transforming when you turn it on.

explode mi lampara portatil
explode mi apagada


Its operation is simple. Just by pressing it we can turn on the lamp, in a very intuitive and simple way. Giving us in turn a beautiful light that reminds us of Japanese lanterns.

Explode mi encendida


When the combination of the inner rods with their elastic fabric is off, it offers us a simple but elegant lamp that can fit into almost any environment.

Its mechanism is composed of an internal structure formed by the rods and the pulsation mechanism. But on the outside, its appearance is fully customizable in an extremely convenient and cost efficient way, either by changing caps or strap.

Explode mi colores
explode mi luz
explode iluminacion

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