Plastic and climate change will be the main problems that this single will bring us. For this reason, accelerating the ecological transition by eliminating single-use plastics is essential to take care of our environment.

Soap Bottle Postiguet

The Postiguet ecological soap bottle is a 100% biodegradable soap bottle that was born from the vision of eliminating plastic from disposable items, such as soap bottles. This project is carried out by Tueereslomás, a company fully committed to crafts and ecological products.

The Postiguet soap bottle is inspired by the shores of the Mediterranean and more specifically the Postiguet beach, from which we were inspired to create its wavy surface like that of the calm open sea. In turn, its color also reminds us of this Mediterranean sensation with its turquoise waters that we can find from the Balearic Islands to the Alicante coast. Besides, its aroma of ocean breeze will take us directly to the relaxing beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Its design is simple, a container that we will fill with water and shake feeling all the peaks and valleys of the bottle in our hands to finish by washing our hands and feeling the freshness of its smell.

Washing hands’ ritual

Washing your hands with a bottle made of Postiguet soap will turn the boring of handwashing into an experience in which we will meet with all our senses. The smell of the soft fragrance of the bottle, the touch feeling all the peaks of the bottle, and the relaxing sound of the water when filling the bottle.

An experience that will help us wash our hands and forget about everything around us.

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